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Our Library (please spare sometime to watch the video of only 8 minutes)



The fully Koha (LMS) automated Library of the institution, located on the ground floor (Room No.7) and opposite to the Teachers’ Common Room and Principal’s chamber is the centre of attraction of the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the college. It comprises different sections such as Circulation Section, Teachers’ Study, Journal & Newspaper Section, New arrival Section, Reading and Reference Section etc. Presently, the library holds:


Printed Books 15000
Printed books added in 2017-18 480
Journals and Magazines (Printed 600
CDs/DVDs 110
Ebooks (through NLIST) 3100000
E-journals (through NLIST) 6500+


There is a well decorated Reading Room with 2400 text books and 240 reference books such as Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Yearbooks, Worldbooks etc. and it can accommodate almost 70 readers at a time. In the year 2017, 685 new members have been enrolled in the library. Presently, there are 7 computers with Internet facility in the library, but the number of terminals would be increased very soon in near future. Apart from all these, the library provides photocopy services of library books with a nominal charge to the readers.

At present, there are four qualified and dedicated staff including a full time librarian in the library. The library of the institution makes its appearance on the social networking sites such as Facebook  and Twitter with the name “LibraryofDMC”. The Library of the college has taken Institutional Membership of The National Digital Library, Govt. of India and The American Library, Kolkata and provides access to their rich collection and facilities to the faculties and students of the college.


The Library provides Ex-student Membership facilities in which ex-students of the college can access the collection of the Library. Newspapers (3 Bengali & 2 English) are subscribed on daily basis and archived and preserved from January 2016 onwards in Bound Volume in the library.


For more details, please visit http://dmc-opac.kohacloud.co.in (DMC Online Catalogue) or https://www.dmc.ac.in


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